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Woman’s Sigh, Wolf’s Song – Reader/Book Group Discussion Questions

1.  WSWS is about survival on several levels – human and animal, physical, mental, and emotional. What challenges and fears scarred Alex worse - the emotional death of her marriage or the physical fears of sharks, frostbite, and wolves?

2. The stories of Alex and Whitecub/Survivor mirror each other. How did the woman’s struggle open your mind to the wolf’s, and vice versa? Did you find these beings to be more similar than different?

3. Alex goes to the wilderness with preconceived ideas about wildlife – and wilderness -management. How did her outlook change with her experience of living there? Which ideas changed, which did not?

4. Women are generally not raised to be physically strong, even in this liberated time. Alex battles her low self esteem and her gender issues with the local residents. How do you see her growing stronger – physically and emotionally?

5. Families are significant to both Alex and Whitecub/Survivor. How do those families strengthen Alex and the white wolf? How do the absence of them affect Alex and Whitecub/Survivor? What did woman and wolf gain – and lose – by leaving their families?

6. What environmental issues does the author address and how do they affect Alex and Whitecub/Survivor?

7. The author suggests that we are all connected to the environment and each other, for good or ill. Do you agree?


Cover by Buster Blue of Blue Artisans Design.
ISBN# 1-59092-130-5
Published by Windstorm Creative 2005

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